UPower Parents


Why is UPower Important?

BECAUSE UPower teaches:

  • Skill of thinking & acting beyond emotions.
  • Emotions need to be felt, identified and released in a healthy way.
  • Character matters. Character-based choices are reliable & leave us with a better end result.
  • Activities to strengthen confidence, resilience and mental well-being.
  • Choices have consequences.
  • Importance of asking for help and support.
  • How to bounce back from mistakes with a new perspective.

Young people make a lot of emotion-based choices. Since emotions change they are not a reliable place to make all choices from.

When young people learn the skill of thinking and acting beyond their emotions they build confidence, mental well-being and are able to more effectively bounce back from challenging circumstances.

Experience UPower


  • Sara will share strategies that will help you coach your young people in the skills necessary to move through tough emotions and challenges so they can make character based choices to build Confidence and Respect which creates Resilience.

  • Bring Sara To Your School

  • Sara can bring UPower to your child’s school with your recommendation. Download the letter you can use to introduce Sara to your school.


  • A fun, interactive, meaningful presentation, which includes both speaking and singing, Sara will share three activities that will help you support your children in building their Confidence so that they can Bounce Back from challenges.


Latest Resources to Help Build Confidence, Resilience & Mental Well-Being

The UPower Journal

I created the UPower journal, not only for youth to express their thoughts and feelings, but also to build confidence, resilience and mental well-being through the stories, exercises and quotes found inside.

The Free UPower Map Guide

One of the most powerful ways to help guide young people to bounce back from challenges and to help them find out who they are and want to be is with a UPower map. It’s a visual representation of the character values they choose to embody and the choices they want to make for their life.

The UPower Parents Facebook Page

Join Us in the Facebook group for support, resources and tools to help build resilience, confidence and respect in your children.

Create dialogue with your child about Confidence, Resilience & Mental Well-Being.

Download a free exclusive 7 day UPower mini journal.

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