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 ‘As I saw Sara Westbrook take the stage with her beautiful voice, and her powerful message I knew we were in for a “WOW”.  Sara made us laugh, cry and learn though her message of hope, help and honesty.  Starting with her authentic story, taking us on a journey and leaving us with the exact tools we needed. I felt instantly connected to Sara and the work she does.  As a World Class Speaking Coach, I forgot about my profession and was totally engaged in learning and growing as a person.  Thank you Sara for this opportunity.  I would highly recommend  to book Sara and UPower for your next event.’ –  Sarah Hilton – Stressed Out Solutions – London ON

Create a UNIQUE experience that will leave your audience Thanking You!

 What makes me unique as a speaker is my ability to share a CHOICE MAKING FORMULA through personal stories and songs. This combo keeps your audience engaged and makes the skill I share easy to digest. This simple and extremely effective CHOICE MAKING FORMULA teaches your audience to think and act beyond their emotions so they can train their brain to make character based choices. This skill of of making Emotionally Intelligent choices is essential for personal and professional growth and success.

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