Never Under Estimate The Power Of A Smile

never underestimate a smile

Never Under Estimate The Power Of A Smile

Who do you smile at? Do you only smile at friends or people you know? Or do you smile at strangers too?

Smiling is such a little thing, but it has a big impact. A smile can brighten someone’s day. If they are feeling low, a smile is a gift of kindness that you give them. Why? Because when you smile at someone, they often can’t help but smile back, which in turn has you smile back, creating a circle of smiles.

So what stops us from smiling at others especially people we don’t know?


Fear of being judged. What if people think I’m being silly?

Fear of being rejected. What if people ignore me?

It takes courage to smile at people, regardless of what that little voice in your head is saying to you. Being courageous even in small ways like smiling at others, helps build confidence. Your smiles will not only make a difference for others, they will also make a difference for you!

Keep practicing your smile and watch how much your confidence improves.

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