“I wanted to again let you know you are powerful! I was engaged, amazed and felt empowered that I could be a coach for assisting my children to make the best choices for whatever circumstances they are dealing with.”  

School Council Chair ~ SJPII

“My son was at the afternoon assembly and I attended the evening session for parents. We both loved your energy and your message. I left armed with a UPower Journal and the motivation to bring UPower into my family. I am excited to have tools to empower them and not just talk. Thanks for your work!”

 Parent ~ Pierre Elliott Trudeau PS

‘In a society that is increasingly difficult to be a child, Sara Westbrook made a difference to parents who feel a growing need to gain helpful strategies to support their children emotionally.’ 

Vince Monaco ~ Principal ~ Oakville ON

As a parent it’s difficult to navigate our child through their emotions, especially when we are also feeling tough emotions like frustration, sadness, anger, overwhelmed. Let’s be honest – being able to identify, feel and release emotions in a healthy way is a skill – a skill that takes practice and effort to strengthen – even for us ADULTS (we have all seen road rage). It’s a journey. Not always an easy one. It’s one that we need to take alongside our child.

That’s where my UPower Presentations come in. I’m all about simple and effective exercises to help build the muscle of ‘thinking and acting beyond emotions.’ I know the difference the exercises I share during my presentations have made for myself, my son, my family and for those I have had the pleasure of working with.

Okay, I think I have said enough. If you are tired of hearing and/or giving the age old response ‘I did it because I FELT like it!’ Scroll down to learn more about my UPower Parent Presentations.

Just one more thing; Practicing the exercises I share to help ‘think and act beyond emotions’ and by using the skill of ‘releasing emotions in healthy ways’ – builds Resilience, Confidence and Emotional Well-Being. Bonus!


Experience UPower


  • Sara will share strategies that will help you coach your young people in the skills necessary to move through tough emotions and challenges so they can make character based choices to build Confidence and Respect which creates Resilience.

  • Bring Sara To Your School

  • Bring UPower to your child’s school with your recommendation. Download the letter you can use to introduce Sara to your school community.


  • A fun, interactive, meaningful presentation, which includes both speaking and singing, Sara will share three activities that will help you support your children in building their Confidence so that they can Bounce Back from challenges.


Resources to Help Build Confidence. Resilience. Mental Well-Being.

The UPower Journal

I created the UPower journal, not only for youth to express their thoughts and feelings, but also to build confidence, resilience and mental well-being through the stories, exercises and quotes found inside.

The Free UPower Map Guide

One of the most powerful ways to help guide young people to bounce back from challenges and help them find out who they are and want to be is with a UPower map. It’s a visual reminder of the character values they choose to embody and the choices they want to make in life.

The UPower Parents Facebook Page

Join Us in the Facebook group for support, resources and tools to help build resilience, confidence and respect in your children.

Build your child’s Confidence. Resilience. Mental Well-Being.

Download a free exclusive 7 day UPower mini journal.


  • Wanting to fit in and make friends is normal. However, it can come at the expense of losing who you are or who you want to be. People who choose not to like you because you set healthy boundaries and take a stand for yourself......

  • Sometimes children’s behaviour is a mystery. They know what they are doing isn’t ok and they do it anyway. As parents/educators, we often judge the behaviour as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Those judgments dictate our response – when they are ‘good’ the child receives praise when......

  • When you don’t feel confident it can be easy to tell yourself ‘I’m not good at that’ or ‘I can’t do that’. You might even compare yourself to others and think ‘they are good at that, but I’m not’. While there will be things in......

Build Confident, Resilient Young People

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