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I created this UPower journal, not only for youth to express their thoughts and feelings, but also to build their confidence and resilience through the stories, exercises, and quotes found inside this journal.

They have helped me build my confidence and resilience.

I believe they will do the same for our youth!

Here’s an example of how Grade 6 teacher Vicki Wilstra applied this UPower Journal activity in her classroom. She had her students write out their UPower thoughts, then tape them to their desk as a constant reminder of the person they want to be.


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UPower Journal reviews:

“Using the UPower journal with our students has given us the opportunity to teach them the importance of being resilient. Students bring many issues with them to school each day, some we are aware of and others we are not. Journaling gives them the opportunity to write openly about their own experiences and feelings. Sara’s personal stories and writing prompts and encourages students to think about the importance of being “themselves” and understanding that they do not have control over all of the situations they are faced with but they can control the way they choose to respond to them. The UPower journal’s activities helps them understand how to make choices based on their character and not based on their feelings all the time. It allows them to reflect on their days and teaches them that their choices are important. Finally, the UPower journal helps students to think about the people they want to be and the steps they must take to accomplish their goals.”

Grade 7/8 Teachers

“We have been using UPower journals in our classes for a couple months now and they are a big hit!  I keep them very private (locked away in a cupboard) so students know that no one else can read their private thoughts.  We use them almost on a daily basis and the students get very excited to write down what is on their minds; the class is never more quiet.  It is a great release for them and with the small personal stories and activities from Sara, it helps focus their thoughts but also reassures them that they are not alone.  The positive messages in the journals keeps my kids smiling in the morning and I often hear them talking about what they have read.  I could say so much about the journals, Sara, we really do love them!”

Grade 6 Teachers with UPower Journal in Classrooms

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