Posters, Pack of 15 (ages 3 – 19)


Posters include:

1. I Choose to Respect Myself, Others & My Dreams.
2. Whatever Challenge you may face, Remember it’s a chapter of your life, not your whole story.
3. I Matter! I am Important! I am Enough! I Am Somebody!
4.  Emotions Poster
5. Healthy Ways to Release Emotions.
6. I am Somebody.
7. UPower is your power to choose your actions, reactions and beliefs regardless of the circumstances.
8. I Can Do It! I Just Need Help.
9. We are Perfectly Imperfect & that’s what’s Perfect about us.
10. Choose to Put in the Effort. Effort Pays Off.
11. I Matter. You Matter. We Matter.
12. I choose to be a UPower Superhero for Respect.
13. Have the Courage to be Imperfect.
14. Live in the moment and live in a way you will be proud of for the moments to come.
15. Allow yourself to get to know someone before allowing your judgments to stop you.
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